Without Federal Drone Rules, States Are Blazing Their Own (Potentially Conflicting) Paths

Tired of wait­ing on Wash­ing­ton, states are mov­ing to de­vel­op their own drone rules. But many of the laws that states are pro­pos­ing and passing may end up con­flict­ing with what the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment even­tu­ally comes up with. Ac­cord­ing to the Na­tion­al Con­fer­ence of State Le­gis­latures, the past two years have seen 26 states pass le­gis­la­tion con­cern­ing […]

China’s Largest Drone, The Rainbow 5, Makes Its Maiden Flight

The CH-5 UAV has a wingspan of 66 feet and a takeoff weight of about 3 tons. The drone, also known as the Rainbow 5, or Caihong 5, represents China’s entry into the heavyweight drone field, which has so far been dominated by the United States. The CH-5 has a wingspan similar to the U.S. Reaper […]