U.S. Will Require Drones to Be Registered

The federal government will announce a new plan requiring anyone buying a drone to register the device with the U.S. Department of Transportation, NBC news has learned. The government has been concerned about the rise in close calls between unmanned drones and aircraft flying into and out of some of the nation’s biggest airports. The […]

Google X Registers Delivery Drones with FAA

Google X has registered designs for two new delivery drones with the FAA.  The drone codenamed M2 was registered on October 2, and a separate drone named B3 was registered October 7.  Each weighing less than 55 pounds, both drones are fixed wing aircraft with two electric motors http://dronelife.com/2015/10/13/google-x-registers-delivery-drones-with-faa/ Dr. Hans Mumm