When Good Drones Go Bad

Late in the summer of 2014, surveillance footage of Syria’s Tabqa air base showed up on YouTube. That it was taken by ISIS forces is unremarkable. That it was shot with a DJI Phantom FC40—a popular consumer drone at the time, the kind you might have found under the Christmas tree—certainly was. In the intervening […]

Drone research flies in northern Nevada

Engineers from the University of Nevada, Reno and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration next month will begin doing as many as five test flights a day of unmanned aerial vehicles at Reno Stead Airport. The tests mark the ramp up of Nevada’s status as one of six sites authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration […]

100 drones fly in formation to set new Guinness World Record

Intel has teamed up Austria’s Ars Electronica Center to set a new world record for the most drones to be airborne simultaneously. The display saw 100 unmanned aerial vehicles take flight in pre-programmed formation, offering onlookers an impressive light show synchronized to the sounds of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. The feat has been a few years […]