5 Reasons to Buy Your Kid a Drone

Many drone enthusiasts use drones for photography purposes, and with the clarity and range of shots available it’s easy to see why. But it’s likely that if you ask any pilot, there’s something inherently enjoyable about the act of flying itself, whether or not you’re taking pictures too. Simply flying is a lot of fun […]

Airbus Group, Local Motors Launch Co-Creation Challenge to Rapidly Advance Development of Commercial Drones

The global challenge will yield new ideas and designs for small-scale cargo transport; emphasis put on urgent delivery of life-saving medical supplies The Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge is a global co-creation challenge to identify the next generation of commercial drone technology. This rendering showcases a cargo drone being used for medical aid. (Photo: Business Wire) […]

Car vs. Drones

This is a very cool video concept, Enjoy: The Car vs Drones film is focused on visualizing the concept of Speed and Agility set within a cinematic battle of superiority between two nimble machines, a Holden Astra and a fleet of custom-designed Quadcopter Drones. Working with Vice and The Creator’s Project from the inception definitely […]