Russia’s New Military Tool Is Straight Outta Sci-Fi — But Don’t Worry: They Promise Not to Build a ‘Terminator’ As global tensions rise — particularly between the United States and Russia — every move that could even be perceived as a military one is receiving increased scrutiny. And everyone appears to be ready to play… North Korea ran several missile tests — which failed — and threatened the possibility of nuclear tests in the near future. They blamed […]

Marine Corps Combat Strategy Changes to Adjust to Enemy Drone Threats

Mike Fabey April 10, 2017 With more technologically advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) buzzing about than ever, some military leaders are starting to rethink the way they look at air superiority. That is especially true for the U.S. Marine Corps – often the first U.S. force to face UAV threats on foreign soil.  Before, air […]

Security Expert: Drones and IoT Must Learn to Play Nice

Security Expert: Drones and IoT Must Learn to Play Nice APRIL 10, 2017 BY JASON REAGAN LEAVE A COMMENT The break-neck adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) architecture across every commercial sector is blossoming – and that certainly applies to drones. A recent study predicted more than half of all newly developed business processes will […]