5 Reasons to Buy Your Kid a Drone

Many drone enthusiasts use drones for photography purposes, and with the clarity and range of shots available it’s easy to see why. But it’s likely that if you ask any pilot, there’s something inherently enjoyable about the act of flying itself, whether or not you’re taking pictures too. Simply flying is a lot of fun – just look at the FPV racing craze beginning take off. But here’s an interesting question: Kids like fun stuff, so how should we feel about letting them take control of the latest in UAV technology?

5 Reasons you Should Consider Buying your Kid a Drone

Give Them a Headstart in an Industry on the Rise

You don’t need us to tell you that the drone industry is on the up. From a host of commercial applications to professional racing and aerial photography, there is an increasing amount of money in UAVs. So why not give your kid an aerial advantage, along with the chance to build a career doing something fun and innovative? Introducing a child to the world of drones is pretty straightforward, especially if you’re already a pilot. If not, you probably don’t need to worry that much anyway, because…

They’re Probably Better Than You

This might be hard to take, but it probably won’t be long until your kid is a better pilot than you are. Most children these days have grown up with video games. This means they have developed a dexterity that adults couldn’t dream of matching. using remote controls is second nature. Want some proof? A 15 year-old from England led a team to a $250,000 prize at the World Drone Prix in Dubai last month. Simply put, kids are great with their thumbs, and as long as piloting a drone continues to be an extension of gaming, they’ll take to it like a duck to water.

At Least They’ll be Outdoors…

The downside of all that dexterity and video-gaming excellence? Kids these days probably spend less time outdoors than any generation in history. So why not encourage them to start a hobby that combines the best of both worlds? A bit of exercise and sunlight, with all the excitement of a video game? What’s not to love?

Develop Practical Skills

These days everything comes pre-assembled and sanitized, and many kids lack the practical skills that their fathers take for granted. Can your kid build a spice rack as well as you can? If the answer is no, then drones are a great way to develop hands-on skills. Many manufacturers offer custom-build kits, meaning that as well as learning to fly, kids can discover all the clever engineering and technical stuff, too.

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There are Drones Suitable for Children

You might feel apprehensive about putting your kid in command of a large drone, and that’s fair enough. But luckily there is a whole market developing of micro-drones drones that, aside from avoiding the need to be registered with the FAA, naturally do less damage to themselves and others in the case of a crash. There are also plenty of drones available that have been designed specifically for children.

Bear in mind…

I’m not for one second recommending that your 7-year old should get a brand new Phantom 4 for his or her next birthday. Let’s be sensible here; there are plenty of cheaper, alternative options out there for kids wanting a first drone. Drones aren’t toys, and it will always be up to you, the parent, to encourage responsible flying. If you think your kid is mature enough to handle it, then go ahead. You’re sure to have plenty of fun and your kids will learn some handy skills too. Just don’t moan when the apprentice overtakes the master!