Making Aviation History – The First Quad-copter Drone to Cross the English Channel

Congratulations to all at Ocuair, when hard things look easy a great deal of planning and prior preparation have happened. Next the North Sea.

A UK Team of drone experts have successfully completed their bid to be the first people in history to fly a drone across the English Channel – a single flight of 35km.  This is also the longest single flight of a quad-copter in the World!

Joining the ranks of Jean-Pierre Blanchard, John Jeffries, Louis Bleriot and Harriet Quimby the Team, led by Richard Gill, have set a famous aviation milestone and have demonstrated the future potential of commercial drone technology.

Drones receive a lot of bad press but this success shows what can be achieved and how the technology can be used in a safe and responsible manner.  Flying across the English Channel has a certain pedigree within aviation history, now drones are getting in on the party.

Dr. Hans Mumm