Optical Communications, Laser Terminal Goes Global

Optical Communications, Laser Terminal Goes Global

Xenesis and Hartwell Capitol Consulting ink $212.5 million agreement for global distribution
CHICAGO – Sept. 3, 2019 – PRLog — Xenesis, Inc., a leading innovator in communications technology for the space industry, announced its $212.5 million, four-year agreement with Hartwell Capitol Consulting, LLC. (HHC), for the HHC’s global distribution of the Xen-Hub®, Xenesis’ optical communications, laser terminal that’s capable of transporting data at volumes five to ten times greater than other commercial solutions currently available for space to ground communications.

The agreement solidifies Xenesis’ entry into several international markets where the need for data transport is underserved, and it provides HHC with exclusive rights to market, distribute, and sell the Xen-Hub® in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Israel, India, Australia, Nigeria, Mexico, Singapore, and Brazil.

Xenesis CEO, Mark LaPenna said, “Xenesis is to satellite communications what broadband was to dial-up thirty years ago, which is at the very heart of why we are going to ‘win the battle’ for revolutionizing space communications.” Asked about Hartwell Capitol Consulting and its agreement with Xenesis, LaPenna said, “This deal is a significant step toward achieving that goal because it establishes a physical presence for Xenesis in countries where there is an abundance of opportunity for our technology to make a substantial impact. HHC’s experience working within the private and government sectors make them an ideal fit for proliferating the adoption of our hardware and services.”

Hans Mumm Ph.D., a senior consultant with HHC, echoed LaPenna’s sentiment, saying “Xenesis is changing the playing field.” Commenting on the deal between Xenesis and HHC, Mumm—whose credentials include staff positions within the National Security Council (NSC), the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)— provided his assessment of what the agreement means for secure and reliable, high-speed communications, saying “quite frankly, for the United States, its military, its government, and its high-tech sector, the implications are profound.”

About Hartwell Capitol

Based in Palmetto, Florida, Hartwell Capitol Consulting was founded in 2001 to provide new and start-up technologies with business development consulting services and to assist them with private and government sector capital acquisition in domestic and international markets.

About Xenesis

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Xenesis, is a communications company specializing in the development of leading-edge intellectual property in Space and ground services markets. With a collective 100+ years of expertise and the industry’s best Partnerships, Xenesis is leading the revolution in global communications. For more information about Xenesis, visit www.xenesis.io and follow @xenesis.io on Twitter.

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