Chinese Researchers Uncover Drone GPS Hack Threat

It’s a black eye for the drone world every time the media reports some new pilot mishap – be it nosedives on the White House lawn (twice), a crash into the Japanese Prime Minister’s office, or drone interference of firefighting units. In addition to facing such PR nightmares, UAV users have something new to fear: […]

Watch these drones build a rope bridge

One of the big selling points of drones is that they can get to areas that aren’t exactly safe or accessible by humans. That’s why watching quadrocopters assembling a rope bridge that’s sturdy enough for a person to walk across is so awesome

The Next Wave of Cyberattacks Won’t Steal Data — They’ll Change It

The bottom line, Clapper says: “Decision making by senior government officials (civilian and military), corporate executives, investors, or others will be impaired if they cannot trust the information they are receiving.” “In the future, however, we might also see more cyber operations that will change or manipulate electronic information in order to compromise its integrity (i.e., […]