The Pentagon’s Half-Billion-Dollar Drone Boondoggle

Rivalry between the Army and Air Force over Predator drones may have cost the Pentagon over $500 million in wasteful spending, according to a report released under the Freedom of Information Act. The report blasts both the Army and the Air Force for spending $115 million in 2008 and 2009 on research efforts that were […]

Taiwan unveils its biggest ever military drone

Taiwan unveiled the prototype of its largest ever military drone as it seeks to boost its defense forces in the face of a perceived threat from China.

Unleashing the power of ‘kamikaze drones’

Army prefers the term “loitering munition.” Yet, by any name a precision-guided weapon that orbits the battlefield until it finds a target is just as deadly. Although the evocative name is something of a misnomer, these loitering missiles are lethal.