Unleashing the power of ‘kamikaze drones’

Army prefers the term “loitering munition.” Yet, by any name a precision-guided weapon that orbits the battlefield until it finds a target is just as deadly. Although the evocative name is something of a misnomer, these loitering missiles are lethal. http://www.c4isrnet.com/longform/military-tech/omr/missile-defense/2015/08/11/unleashing-power-kamikaze-drones/31405521/

Boeing shoots down UAV with 2 kW laser

Daniel Wasserbly, Washington, DC – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly 11 August 2015 Boeing’s Compact Laser Weapon System (CLWS) used a 2 kW laser to disable an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) during Exercise ‘Black Dart’, representatives from Boeing announced on 11 August. During the 3 August event, the system shot down an airborne UAV at Point […]