PITTA Is a Modular Camera That Can Transform Into a Drone

PITTA Is a Modular Camera That Can Transform Into a Drone

Drones are awesome, and that’s something most can agree on. However, drones with impressive camera shooting abilities aren’t small enough, and that’s where PITTA comes into play.

This drone comes with a 4K camera and has autonomous features that could work wonders for families on vacation or just for the folks who want to create personal videos of their travels or daily lives.

Is this the first modular drone?

What’s interesting about PITTA, is the fact that it’s modular. What we’re saying, is, owners can transform the drone into something that can fly, a home security camera, a wearable, or a camera mounted on a stick. It’s a versatile product packed into a single device, and you know what? We’re excited.

Because the camera is small; (170 mm / 6.7 inches) and light (200g / 7oz), owners can take it anywhere without having to worry about added bulk. The developer says the weight is similar to that of a smartphone, so walking around with PITTA on a regular basis shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Additionally, because this modular drone weighs only 200g, there’s no need to worry about registering it with the Federal Aviation Administration. Registration is only required when the device weighs between 0.55 pounds and 55 pounds.

Now, then, because PITTA is modular, it’s should be easy enough to attach and remove modules. From what we can tell, the camera is the main aspect, and everything play a secondary role.

As for the camera’s performance, we understand it comes with a 13-megapixel lens, but we can’t say for certain how advanced it is. It would be great to know if the camera can take quality videos and pictures in low-light conditions, or if it has optical image stabilization built-in.

There’s a mobile app

Don’t be surprised because every smart device these days tend to have a mobile app companion that increases features and functionality. PITTA is no different in this regard because just from the app alone, folks can control the drone while it’s airborne.

Not only that, the app contains the functions for recording and the auto-follow mode among others. The creators say it only takes a single click to get the drone to fly, which sounds great on our end.

“With 1-click-flying modes and Auto-follow, even the first time pilots can fly and start recording their experience without any hassle.

We also provide a manual flight interface to provide flexibilities in types of shots you want to capture.”

Overall, PITTA sounds like a great little product that could chance the drone industry if it becomes successful. People who are interested in seeing PITTA brought to marker should support it on Kickstarter before it goes away in little over a month.

PITTA Is a Modular Camera That Can Transform Into a Drone

Dr. Hans C. Mumm