Unmanned airport control tower installed in Northern Colorado

Unmanned airport control tower installed in Northern Colorado

September 13, 2018
unmanned airport control tower opens in Loveland, Colo.

LOVELAND, Colo. – A new high-tech experiment is underway at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport — an unmanned control tower — that could have ramifications around the country.

The Intelligent Aerospace take:

13 Sept 2018 — The Colorado Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics is nearing completion on the Remote Tower Project. “It’s the first one that’s going to combine radar and track-based information with the video-based information that will come from the cameras to provide an even better situational picture of what’s happening here,” said David Ulane the Director of the CDOT Division of Aeronautics.

Three masts filled with cameras stretch along the airport in Loveland. The cameras stream into a room that acts as a virtual tower. “We’ll have basically what looks like a video wall,” said Ulane. “When you’re standing in front of them make it look like from these cameras you’re looking out the windows of a traditional air traffic control tower cab.”

NCRA opened in the 1960s and has never had an air traffic tower. Most airports in Colorado do not. However, with more than 90,000 take off and landings, and a growing population in Northern Colorado the airport is getting busier.


Dr. Hans C. Mumm