Unmanned meets unzipped: Drone footage leads to prostitution bust (VIDEO)

An anti-prostitution activist in Oklahoma has used an unmanned aerial vehicle to help make one of the first “john” arrests with the aid of a drone.

Brian Bates is a private investigator and operator of JohnTV, a website that offers videos of suspected johns soliciting sex. He tracked a woman he called a “known prostitute,” to an industrial, low-income area of Oklahoma City that has a reputation for prostitution encounters, according to Ars Technica.

“There was a vehicle that had stopped and picked up a female that I knew to be a prostitute,” Bates told KWTV.

Bates often uses a camcorder to catch such acts, but this time, he said, he used a drone to follow the john’s car because he believed that a second, lookout car driven by a “violent pimp” was nearby.


Dr. Hans Mumm