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Dr. Hans C. Mumm Speaking


Wake up world – robots are living among us! Two types of robots to fear, the ones you cannot control, and the leaders who claim to be leading when they look a lot like indecisive robots to me!

Risk is managed through a game of chance, innovation is leadership in action, and that is what your audience wants to learn about!

Drones and robots are here to stay we need to take charge and lead in this innovative space, not sit back after 25 years of waiting for the government and ask where is our marching orders are? When you attempt to solve a problem by micromanagement instead of using non-linear, non-authoritarian, and self-organizing entities, you will only get the results you micro-managed to, stop micromanaging and start learning how to work in the new world.

I will teach your audience about the leadership that is required to survive today and in the future. During these lessons, I will engage your audience in a discussion of technology and how all technology can be used for good or evil; it is up to leadership to decide which one wins out.

My final promise to your audience is that I will show them how to harmonize the speed of innovation and change with the human spirit’s need for leadership.

I refuse to create black and white PowerPoint slides with 10pitch font to put your audience to sleep, my speeches are interactive, engaging, energy filled and the audience will leave more informed about leadership and drone issues with their innovative minds turned on, and tuned in for the ride of a life time. The future is here today, embrace the change, and do not fight for the status quo of the leadership of yester-year.

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