” In this era of covertly evolving threats to our national and homeland security, and the complicated leadership that is required to manage the safety and security of our society, Dr. Mumm’s intellectual and tactical prowess has given us that needed edge in this book.  His work on applying the complexity leadership theory to managing drone airspace, in support of our local and global security affairs, is a paradigm for managing what can be considered an unmanageable political arena.”

-Michael L. Hummel, Ph.D. Professor and Chair, Department of Criminal Justice, California University of Pennsylvania

“Dr. Mumm has attacked two extremely difficult problems at the same time: The government bureaucratic regulating methodology and the integration of drones into the U.S. airspace.  He has woven together a brilliant methodology to solve both issues by using complexity leadership theory.  The potential economic impact of drones is enormous and new ideas on how to use them commercially emerge every day. The FAA needs to make a fundamental process shift or be left perpetually at the starting gate.  Congress and industry take note; the same leadership method described here could be used to help solve the most difficult problems facing your organization.”

-Jay R. Snyder, Unmanned Systems Visionary and former Director of Air Force Revolutionary Planning.

 “Dr. Mumm’s refreshing writing points to all knowledge levels in everything he writes. He is the master of the professional and academic pen, taking complicated concepts and transforming his thoughts into clear, precise scenarios we all can understand. This important subject of drone integration applies to all of us in some way-from business to consumer marketing to our personal lives. It is a thought provoking and enjoyable read.”

-Stephanie Miclot, DM, MBA, MFA, Marketing Vice President and Business Professor

“The use of complexity leadership theory to help accelerate change in governmental bureaucracy is brilliant; let’s only hope that those leaders will take this book and its posed solutions seriously before something drastic happens with these out of control Drones. When I read through his work I knew this would be very important to our government and we can already see that coming to pass with the White House Drone incident.”

– Dr. Bryan Forsyth, Colorado Technical University Professor

“Dr. Mumm is a subject matter expert and scholar practitioner on drone technology. His new work should be a primer for anyone interested in better understanding the applicability of this modern day technology as an instrument for good; while offering caution on the misuse of the same technology for evil. Hopefully those in a position of policy making regarding drone regulation will read this carefully and listen to Dr. Mumm – for the precise reason that he is the guy who wrote the book on the subject!”

-Dr. Bob Touro, Professor – CTU College of Business and Management