Recent Appearances


appearancesMumm, Hans C. Applying Complexity Leadership Theory to Drone Airspace Integration, publisher: Motivational Press — Jul 2015

Mumm, Hans C. Managing the Integration and Harmonization of National Airspace for Unmanned and Manned systems, publisher: Colorado Technical University (CTU) publication number: 3646158 — Aug 2014

Mumm, Hans C. Embracing The Need For Leadership in the New World of Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics, publisher: ISIS (ISSN:2332-0311) — Sep 2011


Guest speaker-Panel Moderator-“Drones, UAVs, and Your Business Model — Can They Co-Exist? Wharton Innovation Summit  2016 Washington DC—April  2016

Guest speaker-“Drone Wars” INFOWARCON 2016—April 206

Guest Speaker-“Combining Non-Linear leadership to non-traditional educational methods” Association of Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE)—April 2016

Guest speaking at the Inter-Agency Seminar Group (IASG) Luncheon at the Brookings Institute “Autonomous Theories-UAV Systems-Training to Obtain Goals-Not Just Swarm”—April 2016

Pentagon book signing event-Invited to sign books inside the Pentagon-Wash DC—Oct 2015

Webinar “Zero to a Billion or Bankrupt –How Using outdated leadership will Kill Your Organization” –Oct 2015

Video interview for Cyber Blog-Drones-Friend or Foe in the Wireless Workplace—Oct  2015

Interview published in the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Monthly Magazine—Oct 2015

Elected to the Board of Directors-Robotics and Unmanned Systems (UAS) Kansas State University –Sept 2015

Panelist-Cyber Maryland Summit-Panel discussing Cloud Continuous Monitoring –Aug 2015

Presentation/book signing Boston–Sept 30 2015

Radio interview with Al Cole on his show “People of Distinction” -CBS radio affiliate-Applying Complexity Theory Leadership to Drone Airspace Integration—June 2015

Radio interview- Hollis Chapman Radio Show-“How to Pursue Your Passion and Make Money—April 2015

Doing What you Love”- Applying Complexity Theory Leadership to Drone Airspace Integration—April 2015

Guest speaker-INFOWARCON-Applying Complexity Leadership Theory to Drone

Airspace Integration—April 2015

Live Chat-Combatting Human Trafficking-CTU—Feb 2015

Live Chat-Embracing the Need for Leadership in the New World of

Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics—Aug 2015

Human Trafficking: The Money, Power Terrorism Links, National Youth Leadership Forum—Aug 2015

Army Reservist:  Consequences and Opportunities of the Spiral Effects of Technology & The Interconnectivity of the Leadership Decisions, National Youth Leadership Forum—Oct 2009  
Information Operations Response to Russian Invasion, Republic of Georgia—May 2009  
Emerging/ Disruptive Technologies: The Art of the Possible Striving to Not Confuse Activity with Results- The Forced Obsolescence of Enemies Systems and Tactics—June 2008  
Development of National Policy on Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics—June 2009  
The Iraq War-Are We Winning?, American Legion—Sept 2005  
Reflections of a Modern Combat Veteran-Operation Iraqi Freedom, Reserve Officers Association—April 2004