Applying Complexity Leadership Theory to Drone Airspace Integration Book Release Announcement

Dr. Hans C. Mumm is proud to announce the release of the book Applying Complexity Leadership Theory to Drone Airspace Integration, to be released by Motivational Press. Dr. Hans C. Mumm finds inspiration from years of leadership experience in applying complexity leadership theory to real world problems. In the words of Michael L. Hummel, Ph.D. […]

Video: Presentation at InfowarCon

About InfoWarCon: InfowarCon 15 again plans to unite a highly culled group of political, military, academic, DIYer, and commercial cyber-leaders and thinkers from around the world to examine the current, future, and potential hostile use of cyber and related information technologies and how to neutralize the current ones. We encourage government, law enforcement, academia, corporations, […]

The Story Behind the Cards

Sometimes it takes a soldier to understand what a soldier needs, especially when he’s in a foreign country, looking for people whose names he can’t even pronounce. In Iraq, five soldiers with a novel idea put faces with those names in a way all soldiers would not only understand, but also enjoy. It started as […]